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Embed comments or reviews to allow your consumers to interact with your content in minutes

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You can embed reviews on to your website if you want your audience to rate your products.


Understand your audience better with our inbuilt metrics system and optimize your content.

Emoji Reactions

It has been proven that reactions provide a higher engagement rate amongst users.

Email Notifications

Users receive email notifications when they get replies, consequently, increasing traffic to your website.

Import Comments

Import your previous comments from WordPress or Disqus with a few simple clicks, by checking out our docs

Spam Detection

Say goodbye to comment spam as it is all taken care of, from our end.

Single Sign-on

If you already have a user base, your users can just log into your service to comment on our platform.

Lightweight & Swift

Our widgets are all below 20kb in size, hence they load incredibly fast, compared to Disqus.


We do not track your data or sell your information to others. You can trust in us.

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Add comments or reviews to your website in 3 simple steps

1. Add your website

Register your domain with us and receive a small code snippet.

2. Insert the code snippet

Insert the snippet in your website, onto the webpages you want it to be on.

3. Activate the tools you need

Once added, you are all set up to receive feedback.

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